Strength In Unity 

The Founder Members and Sponsors of the Van Allen Foundation

World leader in the domain of 3D electronic components for space applications.

World number 2 in the space industry.

Branch Interconnection Systems. World specialist in interconnection systems for aeronautics and space applications (1st for aircraft fitments, 2nd for onboard electrical wire harnesses, 1st in Europe for satellite wiring)

Well known in the field of aeronautics and military systems

World specialist in aeronautics and space systems for high tech applications in the fields of telemetry, communication and instrumentation

A strategy defined by the Executive Board of the Van Allen Foundation

The Executive Board of the Van Allen Foundation consists of leading names in the space sector. Together they define the development strategy of nanosatellites.

Ambassadors and Fund Raisers


  • Financing internships in the nanosatellite sector;
  • Financing research theses and post-doctoral programs on nanosatellites;
  • Taking the lead in the nanosatellite development network thus supporting this new business sector (which has great employment potential);
  • Helping to finance nanosatellite projects and providing the CSU with strategic support